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Open textbooks provide students and instructors with easily accessible, academic resources to enrich their educational experience. Find open textbooks in your area of study from the sample of open textbooks below or search the links provided in our resources section.

  • Open textbook combines high quality with cost savings for students Dr. Harvey King is no stranger to using open educational resources in his university courses. King, a professor of economics at the University of Regina and director of the Centre for Continuing Education, started developing... read more
Introduction to Psychology - 1st Canadian Edition Introductory Chemistry - 1st Canadian Edition Concepts of Biology - 1st Canadian Edition
Introductory Business Statistics with Interactive Spreadsheets Research Methods in Psychology - 2nd Canadian Edition Principles of Social Psychology - 1st International Edition
Mastering Strategic Management-1st Canadian Edition Writing for Success 1st Canadian Edition Canadian Historty: Pre-Confederation
Canadian History: Post-Confederation Mastering Strategic Management: 1st Canadian Edition Project Management
Principles of Microeconomics: Lyryx Knowing Home: Braiding Indigenous Science with Western Science, Book 1 Creative Clinical Teaching in Health Professions
Ethics in Law Enforcement Physical Geology Introduction to Criminal Investigation: Processes, Practices and Thinking
Clinical Procedures for Safer Patient Care Greek and Latin Roots: Part I - Latin Practical Meteorology: An Algebra-based Survey of Atmospheric Science