Open Textbook Program


As the cost of traditional (print) textbooks increase and access to journals and other educational materials decrease due to expensive licensing fees, universities and governments are looking at ways to reduce student expenses and improve access to education. Open textbooks are viewed as one potential solution.

in 2015, funding was received for the development of open textbooks at post-secondary institutions in Saskatchewan with the goal of reducing overall costs for students and enriching teaching and learning. The University of Regina through the University of Regina Press is managing the development of these textbooks at our institution to adopt, adapt, or create open textbooks for use in first- and second-year courses offered at the University of Regina.

As a scholarly publisher, the University of Regina Press is distinctly positioned within the University to support student success through the development of a sustainable program of open textbook publishing with the goal of enhancing access to higher education for students and easing the financial burden of expensive textbooks.

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