Orientation Mission and Learning Outcomes


University of Regina Orientation Mission Statement & Learning Outcomes

Our mission is to facilitate the successful transition of first year and transfer students to the University of Regina through an integrated and comprehensive orientation program that recognizes the diversity of our student body. We also support the families of new students as part of the transition process.

As a result of Orientation, first-year and transfer students will:

1- Experience a sense of belonging and connection to the University of Regina.

2- Have fun and be excited.

3- Recognize the diversity of students, programs and services.

4- Develop meaningful relationships with other students, faculty and staff.

5- Demonstrate knowledge of campus services and resources.

6- Gain insight into student life opportunities and how to become involved.

7- Gain insight into campus traditions and history.

8- Feel a sense of school spirit.

9- Demonstrate knowledge of the expectations placed on them by professors and University policies and procedures.