Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Is Orientation mandatory to attend?

No, Orientation is not mandatory to attend; however, we do strongly encourage all new students to attend. It is a great way to meet new students, your professors and get to know campus while having lots of fun.

2.) Which Orientation should I attend?

  • Fall Orientation Day: Tuesday, September 4th is for all new students who likely just graduated high school and have never attended university before. Student register for this event based on their student type (Domestic Students, International Students, Students through the First Nations University).
  • Mature and Transfer Student Orientation: Tuesday, September 4th from 4:00 pm till 7:00 pm.  Mature & Transfer Orientation is designed for those who may already have some understanding of how universities work and are somewhat familiar with a university setting. Students can choose whether they feel more comfortable attending the Fall Orientation Day event or Mature & Transfer Orientation. Child care is provided during Mature and Transfer Orientation for anyone who may need it.
  • Parent Orientation: Wednesday, August 22nd from 5:30-8:30pm or Thursday, August 23rd from 1:00-4:00pm. Hear about all the supports and services available to help your child transition into a successful university student.  Our panel of experts will answer all your questions!
  • The 101 Orientation: Wednesday, August 29th. The Aboriginal Students Centre offers orientation for first year U of R Aboriginal students registered through the University of Regina and First Nations University. Students are invited to attend various seminars facilitated by experienced Aboriginal students. Aboriginal students are encouraged to come to both The 101 Orientation and Orientation Day.
  • UPrep is a three-day intensive orientation program for first year students entering the faculties of Arts, Science, MAP, and pre-professional programs at the University of Regina and Federated Colleges.

Federated Colleges: If you are registered through Campion College, Luther College please register under 'Domestic Student.' If you are a student through the First Nations University, please register through FNUniv.

3.) Is there a cost to attend Orientation?

There is a charge of $35 for the Fall Orientation. This will be charge to your student account as part of your University tuition and is payable with your tuition.

There is no charge for Mature and Transfer Student Orientation, Fall Orientation as an International Student or Student through FNUniv, or for Parent and Family Orientation. 

4.) What is Summer Orientation?

The free half-day Summer Orientation workshops will give you information on being a successful student, such as what to expect during lectures and from your professors, and how to prepare for your first day of class.  New students have the chance to ask questions to a student panel and attend a mock lecture. Summer Orientation is August 22nd and 23rd. Feel free to bring guests to these events! Register online.

5.) When is residence move-in?

First year students will be moving into residence on Friday, September 1 or Saturday, September 2 for the fall semester.

For more information, please visit:

6.) Are Welcome Week activities only for new students?

No, Welcome Week activities are for all students! It gives the first year students an opportunity to meet new and current students.

Welcome Weekend activities are for all new students, both those who live on campus and those who do not!

Check out the full schedule on the Orientation website

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