Public Parking at College Avenue Campus

Visitors must pay to park between the hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.
Parking is free of charge (excluding parkades) evenings, weekends and statutory holidays.
Accessible stalls and time zone/limited areas are in enforced at all times.

You can pay to park at the College Avenue Campus using a Pay Station or download the PayByPhone app to pay for your parking. Pay Stations are located in Lot 20, Ramsey Drive, and in the College Building Atrium. The College Avenue Campus offers 9-hour parking (Lot 20) and 3-hour parking (Ramsey Drive).

How to Pay for Parking on Campus

Using a Pay Station:

Pay Stations are located in various locations across campus. Enter your license plate and location (i.e. 9-hour parking, 2-hour parking) - based on signs in the area - and pay with either coins or credit card. Entering your mobile phone number to receive a notification when your time is expiring. There is no need to place the receipt on the dash of your vehicle, just take your receipt and go!
Note: not all Pay Stations can accept coins and will require a credit card.
Please see maps for details.
  • You do not need to place the receipt on the dash of your vehicle
  • Receipts display your start time, expiration time, amount paid, and license plate
  • Receipt provides details on how to extend your time with the PayByPhone app   
  • See the step by step Pay Station instructions
Using the PayByPhone App:
The PayByPhone app is a convenient way to pay for parking using your smartphone. You can extend your parking time from anywhere using your phone and have the option to receive a text message reminder before your parking expires.
 Click here for the College Avenue Campus map for Pay Stations and public parking locations.

Parking maps are a reference material only and parking areas are subject to change based on University needs.
Please abide by all posted sigange which will take precedence in designating parking areas over the available maps.