The City of Regina and the Wascana Centre Authority offer several multi-use pathways that you can use to cycle to University for class or work.  You can download printable maps of their bike pathways from their websites.

Bike Stands

Once you arrive on campus, you will need to park and lock your bike.  You cannot lock your bike to any handrail, tree, sign post, lamp post, parking meter, fence, or building structure on campus grounds. However, there are several outdoor bike stands located on the Main Campus and at the main entrances to College Avenue Campus where you can lock your bike. View these bike stand locations on the Main Campus map or the  College Avenue Campus map.

Indoor Bike Cage

You can also park and lock your bicycle in the indoor bike cage located in the Center for Kinesiology, Health & Sport parkade.  The cost to park your bike there is $5/month. Contact PTS for more details about the bike cage or to sign up for indoor bike parking.

Abandoned Bikes

If you leave your bike locked at a bike stand for more than seven (7) days, the University will consider it abandoned and will impound it.

If you wish to reclaim an abandoned bike, you will have to provide Campus Security with proof that you own the bike and you will have to pay for any associated costs or fines. Impounded bicycles that have not been claimed after 90 days are considered unclaimed personal property and will be disposed of by the University's Purchasing Department.