Regina Transit Service at the University of Regina

Beginning Monday, November 1, the Regina Transit route #18, to and from Harbor Landing to the Riddell Centre, will no longer drop off or pick up passengers at bus stop #270 on Buffaloberry Way, west of the Riddell Centre.

To create a safer roadway corridor, two new bus stop locations have been created on campus for Route #18 passengers.

Route #18 passengers arriving from Harbor Landing will now be dropped off at bus stop #1664 on University Drive West, located adjacent to the sidewalk pathway leading to the Riddell Centre.

Route 18 passengers departing from campus will now leave from the new bus stop #1663 located at the corner of University Drive South and Buffaloberry Way.

The schedule for Route #18 will not change and the bus will continue to travel around the campus loop.

Plan your trip with google maps and check out

There are four bus routes that travel to and from the University of Regina main campus:

  • Route 3 - Sherwood Estates/University
  • Route 4 - Walsh Acres/Hillsdale
  • Route 18 - Harbour Landing/University (See: New bus stop locations)
  • Route 21 - Glencairn/University
  • Route 22 - Arcola East/University
  • Route 30 - University/Rochdale (University Express)

The four bus routes that travel nearest to the College Avenue Campus are:

  • Route 2 - Argyle Park/Woodland Grove
  • Route 3 - Sherwood Estates/University
  • Route 8 - Normandy Heights/Eastview
  • Route 12 - Varsity Park/Mount Royal
  • Route 30 - University/Rochdale (University Express)

Transit schedules and maps are available from the City of Regina website.

Purchasing Bus Tickets and R-Cards

Regina Transit tickets and monthly passes (R-Cards) can be purchased from the University of Regina Students’ Union office, located on the second floor of the Riddell Centre. If the URSU office is closed, you can purchase tickets or R-Cards at any Regina Transit tickets agent.

Information about the UPass program can be found on the University of Regina Students' Union (URSU) website.

Employee Transit Pass Program

This program allows employees to purchase a transit pass through payroll deduction at a discounted rate. The Adult R-Card under this program will cost 16.7% less per month than the current price of the adult 31 day pass. (Employees under this program receive 12 months for the cost of 10 months).