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Appeal Your Citation

You have the right to appeal a citation if you feel you were not in violation of the bylaw indicated on your citation. Your appeal must be submitted online through UR Parking Account and must be received within seven calendar days of the citation being issued. All supporting documents will be submitted online with the appeal.

If you have submitted an appeal, or are planning to submit an appeal for your citation, do not pay your citation. Parking Services will contact you by e-mail notifying you of the appeal outcome. If payment is required, your early payment citation reduction period of 14 calendar days will restart once your appeal outcome has been determined.

***Please be advised, remitting payment for a citation is considered an admission of guilt by the Provincial Bylaw Court. Once payment has been made it is no longer eligible for appeal through the University of Regina or Provincial Bylaw Court.
Citations payments are non-refundable.

Potential Appeal Outcomes:

Appeal Granted: If your appeal is granted, Parking Services will waive the fee associated with the citation.

Partial Appeal Granted: If upon review of the appeal, it is deemed that a reduced citation fee is warranted, a partial appeal may be granted (i.e. daily rate charged instead of full citation amount). This payment will be due within 14 calendar days of notification or the amount owed will revert back to the full citation fee amount.

Appeal Denied: If your appeal is denied, you will be responsible to pay the fine as outlined on your citation. Your early payment citation reduction period will begin once you have been notified of your appeal outcome. If payment is not made within 14 calendar days, you will be responsible for payment of the entire fine. 

Failure to Pay Your Parking Citation

If you have not made payment for your parking citation, after 14 days calendar from the date your appeal outcome had been determined, the University of Regina will send a Notice of Pending Summons to remind you payment must be made for your outstanding parking citation.

If payment is not made after receiving the Notice of Pending Summons, you will be issued a Summons which will officially charge you with a parking offence and result in an appearance before the Provincial Bylaw Court.