Bylaw Court

Pending Summons

If you have received a Notice of Pending Summons, this is a reminder that you have an outstanding citation balance with the University of Regina that is overdue and requires immediate attention.


Failure to make payment on outstanding citations for parking violations will lead to a Summons, formally charging you with a parking offence, and will require an appearance in Provincial Bylaw Court. 

The summons will include the offence, the date of Plea Court, and the location of Plea Court. If the date does not work for you, you may contact Parking and Transportation Services to ask for a different date. 

Provincial Bylaw Court:

You also have the right not to pay your parking citation and appear in Provincial Bylaw Court once you have received a Summons to Court.

At this venue, you will have to opportunity to plead not guilty without explanation or guilty with explanation, if you plead not guilty the Justice will set a second court date for you. At this second court date, you will have the opportunity to present your case, before the Justice and in the presence of the University of Regina prosecutor.

Failure to appear at your scheduled court appearance may result in a deemed conviction in your absence.

Failure to appear/address

If you choose not to address the citation through either payment of the citation or through Provincial Bylaw Court the citation will be advanced to court in your absence. If the citation is found in good standing, a Court Deemed Conviction will be issued, 30 days after the Court Deemed Conviction is issued an administrative fee maybe be added to the citation and the matter will be forwarded to collections.