Compliance & Citations

Parking privileges at the University of Regina are governed by the University of Regina Parking Bylaws, Section 90.2 of the University of Regina Act, along with the Motor Carrier Act (SK); the Vehicle Administration Act (SK); the Highway Traffic Act (SK); and the Provincial Capital Commission (SK).

 The parking bylaws that guide Parking & Transportation Services are found in Section 90.2 of The University of Regina Act. A listing of these bylaws are found in The Saskatchewan Gazette

The University of Regina makes the following reasonable presumptions:

  1. The person(s) obtaining a valid U of R parking permit is responsible for all infractions issued to each vehicle registered to that permit or any vehicle displaying that permit.
  2. If anyone with the same address as the registered owner(s) is determined to be associated with the University, then that person is presumed to be the operator of the vehicle receiving a parking infraction and is responsible for said infraction and/or;
  3. The registered owner of a vehicle will be responsible for all infractions issued to that vehicle if no other person at that address is determined to be associated with the University.

Failure to comply with these bylaws and the rules and regulations of the University of Regina can result in receiving a parking citation.

If You Have Been Issued a Citation:

If you have been issued a parking citation, you have been found in violation of one of the University of Regina Parking Bylaws. There are a three options available to you for addressing your citation:

  • Pay the Citation: Depending on the citation you have received, you may be eligible for an early payment citation reduction if paid within 14 calendar days from the date your citation was issued. If payment is not made within 14 days you will be responsible for the full citation amount. You can make payment online through UR Parking Account.
    Remitting payment for a citation is considered an admission of guilt by the Provincial Bylaw Court. Once payment has been made it is no longer eligible for appeal through the University of Regina or Provincial Bylaw Court.
    Citations payments are non-refundable.
  •  Appeal the Citation: If you feel you were not in violation of the cited bylaw indicated on your citation, you have the right to appeal the citation online through UR Parking Account. Your appeal must be received within 7 calendar days of the citation being issued. You may provide any supporting documentation for your appeal as attachments online.
    Do not pay your citation until you have heard from Parking & Transportation Services regarding the outcome of your appeal.
  • Bylaw Court: Should you chose to refuse to make payment of your citation within the 14 calendar days, a pending summons letter will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. If after receiving the pending summons, payment is not received within an additional 14 calendar days, a Summons to appear in Provincial Bylaw Court will be issued indicating the date and time you have been scheduled to appear in court to present your appeal to the presiding Justice.

Failure to Pay Your Parking Citation
If you have not made payment for your parking citation, after 14 calendar days from the date of issue, the University of Regina will send a Notice of Pending Summons to remind you payment must be made for your outstanding parking citation.

If payment is not made after receiving the Notice of Pending Summons, you will be issued a Summons which will officially charge you with a parking offence, and require you to make an appearance in Provincial Bylaw Court.