Legal & Citation Terminology

Parking privileges at the University of Regina are governed by the University of Regina Parking Bylaws, Section 90.2 of the University of Regina Act, along with the Motor Carrier Act (SK); the Vehicle Administration Act (SK); the Highway Traffic Act (SK); and the Provincial Capital Commission (SK).

The parking bylaws that guide Parking & Transportation Services are found in Section 90.2 of The University of Regina Act. A listing of these bylaws are found in The Saskatchewan Gazette

The University of Regina makes the following reasonable presumptions:

  1. The person(s) obtaining a valid U of R parking permit is responsible for all infractions issued to each vehicle registered to that permit or any vehicle displaying that permit.
  2. If anyone with the same address as the registered owner(s) is determined to be associated with the University, then that person is presumed to be the operator of the vehicle receiving a parking infraction and is responsible for said infraction and/or;
  3. The registered owner of a vehicle will be responsible for all infractions issued to that vehicle if no other person at that address is determined to be associated with the University.

Failure to comply with these bylaws and the rules and regulations of the University of Regina can result in receiving a parking citation.

The bylaws that guide Parking & Transportation Services are found in Section 90.2 of the University of Regina Act. A listing of these bylaws are found in The Saskatchewan Gazette (p. 48-69).

Your parking citation will:

  • identify why your vehicle has been issued a citation
  • list the amount of the fine owing and any early payment options
  • describe how and where to pay your fine

To review the Official University of Regina Parking Bylaws, click here.

There is formal language used when speaking about compliance and citation in relation to the enforcement of Parking Bylaws at the University of Regina. Understanding the terminology will help you to understand the citations received and the legal terminology associated with them.

Citation: This is a ticket with an associated fine issued due to a violation of the University of Regina Parking Bylaws.

Parking Bylaws: The rules and regulations everyone must follow when operating a vehicle and parking a vehicle on any University of Regina properties.

Notice of Pending Summons: This is a formal communication issued through email or by Canada Post to notify individuals who have outstanding citation fees that payment is due. It will further inform legal actions that will take place if the citation balance is not paid in full. Pending Summons are issued to the registered owner of the vehicle.

Parking Summons: This is a formal communication issued through email or by Canada Post to notify individuals that they have been formally charged with a parking offence and have been summoned to make an appearance in Provincial Bylaw Court.

Deemed Conviction: A citation will receive a deemed conviction in the event an individual has been summoned to appear in Saskatchewan Provincial Bylaw Court and has been found guilty by the presiding Justice of the Peace or has failed to make their appearance as required by their Parking Summons.

Regulations & Procedures


Below is a summary of some of the traffic regulations, procedures, provincial and municipal laws that are followed at the University of Regina. The University reserves the right to amend these regulations, procedures and/or amend parking fees as it sees fit. Parking & Transportation Services will publicize any changes.

  • The University is not responsible for any theft, damage, or any incident to any vehicle at any time on University property.
  • Authorized Bylaw Enforcement Personnel enforce traffic laws, bylaws, regulations, and procedures at the University of Regina. Violations of laws, bylaws and regulations may result in citations. Violators are subject to prosecution, towing, fines and/or penalties.
  • In the event of an emergency situation, Campus Security or any other duly authorized Law Enforcement Personnel will direct and control traffic. All persons must act as directed by the signals and/or directions.
  • No person(s) acting on behalf of themselves or a group may distribute flyers or any other form of printed literature on vehicles parked on campus. Littering charges may be laid.
  • Pedestrians have the right of way in parking lots and at all pedestrian crossings and on roads with no paralleling pedestrian walks, provided they walk on the left side facing traffic.
  • Bicycle parking is permitted only in areas specifically designed by the presence of bicycle parking racks or stands.
  • No person shall skateboard on any property comprising the campus.
  • The speed limit for vehicles on campus roadways is 40 km/h.
  • Service vehicle areas, unloading areas, bus stop areas, are areas signed for special use and restricted at all times for the use as posted unless authorized.
  • Parking is prohibited at all times:
    • On any road except where signs expressly permit parking.
    • On any sidewalk.
    • On any other portion of the grounds not designed and/or provided for the parking of vehicles. Vehicles, which are illegally parked on campus, or are at the warrant stage, may be removed and impounded at the owner’s expense in accordance with the University of Regina Bylaws.
  • Vehicles must be parked correctly in all parking lots as indicated by guidelines, curbs, signs, headers, and other markings; and must not be parked in any way that obstructs the free flow of traffic or of the parking of vehicles in adjacent stalls.
  • The University reserves the right to assign specific parking spaces and to limit parking privileges and/or assign specific parking privilege places.
  • The University reserves the right, under special or unusual circumstances, to appropriate portions of the parking area(s), or set aside an area on Campus, for such purposes as construction, maintenance and repairs, or parking for guests at special University functions such as convocation or special lectures.
  • If a permit holder sells their vehicle or loans their vehicle to another driver, the vehicle plate number must be removed from the permit holder's account.
  • A parking privilege becomes invalid when vehicle information, such as changes to or additions of license plates, are not registered with Parking & Transportation Services through UR Parking Account.
  • Parking privileges on campus may be revoked due to outstanding citations, or abuse of the Parking Regulations. If privileges are revoked, written notice of suspension will be given to the permit holder. Parking privileges will not be reinstated until the appropriate proof or action is taken. 
  • Vehicles must be in good working order as per the Province of Saskatchewan Vehicle Equipment regulations:
    •  Any damages incurred or repairs needed to the University property as a result of vehicle equipment violation will be charged to the owner of the vehicle. (E.g. you may need to pay for damages/repairs if your vehicle leaks oil or you hit a sign, post or other structure on campus.) 
    • If your vehicle is inoperable, contact Parking & Transportation Services immediately at 306-585-5555 or Campus Security at 306-585-4999. You will have 24 hours to repair and/or remove your vehicle unless stated otherwise by Parking & Transportation Services or by Campus Security Personnel.
  • Reasonable attempts will be made to locate the owner of suspected abandoned vehicles. If these attempts fail, the vehicle will be removed from campus.
  • Vehicles such as motor homes, trailers, and campers may not park on campus for living purposes unless approval has been given from Parking & Transportation Services or Campus Security Personnel.