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Citation Payment Plan Request Form

If you are unable to remit payment for the full balance of your citation(s) within 14 calendar days of issuance, you may be eligible for a Citation Payment Plan with Parking & Transportation Services to pay the full balance owing over a period of time. If your request meets the criteria for a payment plan, you will be responsible for making scheduled payments until your balance is fully paid.

If you are interested in applying, please review the citation payment plan terms and complete the application form below, if eligible. Parking & Transportation Services will review the application to verify eligibility and contact you by e-mail. Please review the Terms & Conditions prior to application.

To be eligible for a Citation Payment Plan:
* Your citation(s) must have been issued more than 14 calendar days prior
* Minimum balance owing in citation fees is greater than $50
*All fields with (*) must be completed prior to submission.

* First name * Last name
Student/Staff ID #
(if applicable)
License Plate #
* Citation Number(s)
* Balance Owing
Phone number Voicemail Yes No
* Email address

* Please Select Payment Schedule For Citation Payment Plan:
Monthly Payments (due the by the 1st of every month)
Bi-Weekly Payments (view bi-weekly schedule)

* By applying for a Citation Payment Plan, it is considered an admission of guilt in relation to the included citation(s). Your application submission will hereby waive the right to further appeal these citations through the University of Regina or Provincial Bylaw Court. Do you accept the terms of application?
Yes No

Please be advised, a single missed payment will default your Citation Payment Plan and the remaining balance will be due in full. If unpaid after 60 days, the balance owed will be either transferred to your student financial account and a hold placed on the account (if registered in term) and/or the balance will be forwarded to a Collections Agency.

* Reason for Application

The University of Regina collects information under the authority of The University of Regina Act and in accordance with the Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act for purposes of the administration of the University and its programs and services. By responding to this form, you are consenting to the University of Regina using your personal information to assess your eligibility for a Citation Payment Plan.