Parking Maps

  • Download a current pdf of our Main Campus map.
    • includes information about accessible, public, bike, motorcycle, hotel guest and residence parking.
  • Download a pdf of our College Avenue Campus map.
    • includes information about accessible and public parking. We are in the process of updating the map to include bike parking.
  • Directions to either University of Regina campuses can be found under Contact the U of R

Special Event Parking Maps

Often parking is arranged for special events and activities held at the University.  A listing of these events, and any parking that has been arranged for them, can be found under Event Parking.

Parking ePermit Area Maps

Most students, faculty and staff will have some type of parking ePermit.  M ePermits are search style parking ePermits, meaning you can park in any M designated location. Your M ePermit is NOT specific to a designated parking lot.  Z ePermits are a scramble style permit, meaning you ARE assigned to a specific lot but not a designated stall within that lot.  If there is no parking space left in your assigned Z lot, park in the nearest available Z area and call Parking and Transportation Services (P&TS) at 306-585-5555 with your license number immediately,

Below are maps indicating where you can park with your ePermit. 

Public Parking Area Maps