August 2021 News Archive

August 9, 2021

Parking Services office hours for August 9 - 11, 2021 will be 7:45am to 3:45pm.

August 1, 2021

Parking Services has returned back to regular parking operations today.

Public Parking
Public parking spaces include all surface PayByPhone and pay station
areas. Public parking above ground is $2 per hour, underground parkade
is $3.25 per hour and can be purchased using a pay station or the
PaybyPhone App,

Permit Holders
As a reminder, regular operations include the following information;
Z ePermit Holders – must park in their designated Z ePermit area
M ePermit Holders - must park in any M ePermit area
Resident ePermit Holders – must park in their designated resident area
Parkade ePermit holders - must park in their designated parkade

Purchasing Parking ePermits
If you will be on campus regularly, purchasing parking ePermits will be
your most feasible option. The cost of an M semester ePermit is $2.62
per day versus Public parking options at $2 per hour. A Lot 1 “Green” is
$1.84 per day. EPermits are available for purchase online You can also review and update your
parking account using the previous link.

Those with accessibility needs must have an Accessibility parking
permit accompanied with their parking ePermit. This may be done by
contacting the Parking Services office, or the SaskAbilities parking
permit must be displayed within the vehicle.