Below are common questions related to the License Plate Recognition Technology used at the University of Regina. If there is a question that is not addressed in the FAQ, contact us for more details.

Q: What is LPR?
A: License Plate Recognition (LPR) is an advanced parking technology that enables the use of ePermits through a vehicle’s license plate instead of paper permits or plastic hangtags. LPR increases parking efficiency on campus, provides customer convenience for parking, while greatly reducing the amount of paper and plastic waste produced.

Q: How does LPR work?
A: Individuals will register their license plate information into the online parking system when purchasing their ePermit or purchasing parking privileges using a Pay Station or the PayByPhone app. The LPR software then combines this information with the individual’s payment and generates a virtual ePermit linked to that vehicle’s license plate number.

When a vehicle parks on campus, the license plate is captured by cameras mounted on parking enforcement vehicles, similar to a supermarket scanner but your license plate functioning as the barcode. When read, the license plate details are automatically referenced against the parking database to verify a valid ePermit is associated with the vehicle, if parking time had been purchased, and even confirms the proper parking privileges required for each location. If the license plate and vehicle information are not associated with a valid ePermit or the vehicle is parked in an inappropriate lot, then the vehicle will then be subject to a citation.

Q: How does LPR benefit me?
A: The use of LPR technology…

  • Eliminates the need to display physical permits and the need to move permits from vehicle-to-vehicle.
  • Increased cost effectiveness with the reduction of printed permits and postage fees.
  • Enables paperless pay stations on campus and direct payment through your mobile device using the PayByPhone app for contactless payment and easy time renewal.
  • Returning to your vehicle to display a paper permit will no longer be necessary.
  • Lost or stolen permits and the associated fees and processing times are eliminated.
  • No more forgetting your permit, a permit falling from the rearview mirror or being displayed improperly.
  • Reduces waste and litter in all campus lots while greatly reducing the amount of paper and plastic consumed from creating physical permits.
  • You can purchase additional parking time easily from anywhere on campus using Pay Stations or the PayByPhone app and no longer need to return to your vehicle in the event added time is needed for your stay.

Q: How will my license plate information be used?
A: The license plate information collected in this process will only be referenced against the campus database for the strict purpose of verifying parking privileges on campus.

If you have entered your telephone number through a Pay Station or enabled this account feature when using the PayByPhone app, this information is only used to automatically notify you when your purchased parking privilege is close to expiration to help you avoid receiving a citation.