PayByPhone FAQ

Q: How do I sign up?
A: Registration for your free PayByPhone account can be completed via the mobile app, the web app at, or by phone at 1-888-680-7275. The account will be activated immediately and your parking session can be started. The next time you log on, your details will be automatically recognized.

  • The following information is required to set up an account:
    • Mobile phone number
    • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)
    • License plate of car(s)

Q: I do not have access to a credit card, how can I pay for parking?
A: Pay Stations are available on campus that are able to accept coin payment for parking. Please see the public parking map to locate your nearest Pay Station or contact our office at 306-585-5555.

Q: I can’t extend my parking session, why?
A: The location you are currently parked is a timed parking zone (30 minute / 2 hour) and you have parked for the maximum daily limit in this area. You will need to move your vehicle to another parking zone and begin another parking session using the new location number.

Q: Can I transfer unused time to another parking spot?
A: No, unused time is non-transferrable. If needing to change your parking location, a new session will need to be started.

Q: I entered the wrong location/vehicle licence plate number, what now?
A: Contact Parking & Transportation Services immediately to notify of the error. Failure to do so may result in a parking citation being issued as Parking & Transportation Services will not be able to see that you made payment.

Q: Why is there a transaction fee?
A: The transaction fee of $0.17 is a user fee collected by PayByPhone for using the app.

Q: I am not receiving notifications from PayByPhone that my parking time is about to expire.
A: Ensure that “SMS Text Notifications” is turned “on” to allow the PayByPhone app to notify you by text message that your time is close to expiration so you can extend the time (if permitted) or move your vehicle to avoid a citation.

Q: How does parking enforcement know I’ve paid by phone?
A: When you pay for parking through PayByPhone, your license plate and parking time are automatically sent to Parking & Transportation Services who use License Plate Recognition software to monitor parking on campus. Users do not need to display a receipt in their vehicle.