The University of Regina has made a commitment to sustainability in it's Strategic Plan. "Commitment to sustainability is critical to ensure institutional and societal longevity and success into the future. At the University of Regina sustainability is deeply rooted in social justice and is taken to encompass economic, cultural, social, and environmental sustainability."

Carpooling is a transportation alternative that Reginans are embracing to save money and save the environment. Carpooling only one day per week can reduce commuting costs (including parking and vehicle maintenance costs) by 10%.

The University supports your sustainability efforts by providing preferred parking when you carpool and arrive on campus between 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. To park in carpool areas you must have a carpool designation added to your existing M ePermit and more than one person in the vehicle when parking.

How to Register for a Carpool

To register your carpool group, email our office at with the details about your vehicle and the passengers in your carpool group:

  • your name (first / last) and University ID #
  • the names and University ID numbers of each member of your carpool group
  • all license plate numbers for vehicles being used for your carpool
  • the time frame you will be carpooling

Locations of Carpool Parking Stalls

Carpool stalls are located in Lots 1, 6 & 13