Green ePermits & Privileges

A Green ePermit offers non-electrical parking and is the least expensive option available to students, faculty, and staff who park at the University of Regina. Green ePermits allow you the privilege to park the designated Green section located in Lot 1. All Green Area parking is reserved for Green ePermit holders only between the hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Please note that Green ePermits may only park in their designated Green area located in Lot 1.

Green ePermit Parking

Parking for a Green Area ePermit is exclusive to the designated rows only located in Lot 1.
To review the designated area, please see the Lot 1 Green Parking Map.

This ePermit allows you the privilege to park any time Monday to Friday during one of the following:
  • fall semester (September - December)
  • winter semester (January - April)
  • spring/summer semesters (May - August)
  • academic year (September - April)
  • calendar year (May - April)

Parking Rates

The cost of a Green ePermit is listed under Parking Rates. Parking ePermits are pro-rated according to the issue date of your parking privileges.

Lot 1 Green Waitlists

There is significant demand to purchase an M ePermit for parking. If the Green ePermits are SOLD OUT, you can add your name to the waitlist. All ePermits on the waitlist are issued in the order in which the application was received.

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