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Parking ePermit Types

The type of ePermit you purchase depends how long you wish to park and whether you wish to plug in your vehicle during winter months, or wish to park in a heated parkade.
An ePermit gives access to one parking stall in the designated ePermit area on campus:

  • M ePermit privileges:
    • no electrical plug-in
    • parking for an entire semester, month or each week (or a portion thereof) during a school semester, academic year, or calendar year
  • Z ePermit privileges:
    • electrical plug-in access for each stall
    • parking in a designated lot on either Main Campus or College Avenue Campus
    • monthly parking during the school semester, academic year or calendar year
  • Parkade ePermit privileges:
    • heated parking in the Riddell Centre, Kisik Towers, or CKHS Building
    • hourly or daily ePermit availability (issued from Paystations or using the PayByPhone app in parkades)
    • monthly parking during the school semester, academic year or calendar year
  • Resident ePermit privileges:
    • available only to those students living in residence on campus
    • monthly parking during the school semester, academic year or calendar year 
  • U of R accessible ePermit privileges:
    • valid in accessible stalls to allow ePermit holder to park longer than the signed two-hour limit
    • temporary (required for 6 weeks or less) and permanent accessible ePermits available
  • Contractor ePermit privilege:
    • Contact Parking Services office to purchase a contractor ePermit for each vehicle you need to park on campus.

Your Responsibilities

If you purchase a parking ePermit, you agree to:

  • park in only the areas designated on your ePermit privileges for the time period indicated on the ePermit
  • Ensure all registered vehicle license plate information is accurate through UR Parking Account
  • not share your ePermit with other people
    • unless part of a carpool (and informed Parking Services of all members and vehicles associated with your carpool).
    • only one registered vehicle on your ePermit can be parked on campus Monday to Friday, 8AM to 5PM.
    • any additional vehicles registered to your ePermit brought to campus must use paid hourly public parking areas.
  • follow the bylaws, procedures, rules and regulations concerning parking on University properties provided by Parking Services, Wascana Centre Authority, the City of Regina, and the Province of Saskatchewan