Experience Survey

We value your input and want you to feel that we have provided adequate parking facilities while you are visiting our University Community.

  1. Do you typically drive alone or carpool to campus?

  2. Please choose your most visited parking location

  3. For which purpose did you most recently visit the University of Regina and utilize parking?

  4. How was your overall parking experience?

  5. Rank the following five factors, from most important to least important, indicating their impact on your level of satisfaction with Parking Services at the University of Regina. (5=important, 1=not important)
     Value of Parking ($)
     Parking Facilities
     Parking Citations & Appeals
     Transportation Options
     Interactions with Staff

  6. How often do you move your vehicle to different locations on campus in a day?

  7. How would you rate the customer service provided by our team?

  8. How would you rate the quality of the parking infrastructure?

  9. Do you have any concerns about the area in which you parked?
    If so, what is your concern?

  10. How would you rate the "ease of use" of our pay stations?

  11. How would you rate the "ease of use" of the PaybyPhone app?

  12. How would you rate the "ease of use" of our website?

  13. How could parking at the University of Regina be improved? What solutions would you offer?