Reconciliation Action Committee

The Reconciliation Action Committee (RAC) came into existence when the TRC Working Group decided to reorganize itself as a sub-committee of the University Executive Team in Winter 2019. The TRC Working Group was a task force created by the Deans’ Council to develop a response statement to the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions of Canada (TRC)’s Final Report. The TRC Working Group completed this task in December 2018. In Winter 2019, the TRC Working Group was transformed to create the Reconciliation Action Committee.

Mission and Objectives

The Reconciliation Action Committee (RAC) aims to help everyone at the University of Regina find ways to live respectfully together in these shared Indigenous territories. Guided by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action as well as its full report, the RAC understands that reconciliation is the recognition, memorializing, and remediating of the harms done to Indigenous people not only by the Indian Residential Schools but also by colonization.

The RAC is guided by the approach that while support from the RAC will be critical in sharing the responsibility for reconciliation, reconciliation must take place across the University rather than be centralized in one place. The Committee has adopted the following Principles for Reconciliation:

  • Truth must come before reconciliation
  • Actions must accompany words and symbols
  • Structural change
  • Accountability

As part of the RAC’s objectives and activities, this webpage is dedicated to gathering information on reconciliation initiatives, projects, and activities across campus and sharing that information with the entire University community. The goal is to encourage everyone, regardless of their units or positions, to think of different ways of contributing to reconciliation.

The Reconciliation Action Committee invites U of R community members to send us information regarding any relevant initiatives, projects, and activities that are taking place or planned by an email to the webpage administrator Rebecca Sparvier.

More information regarding Reconciliation can be found on UR Source here

University of Regina's Statement of Commitment (130.45KB)File

4 Seasons of Reconciliation

For more information and to access the 4 Seasons of Reconciliation certificate program, please click here.