Province's Transformational Change Agenda

As part of its efforts to address the fiscal challenges facing our province, the Government of Saskatchewan has embarked on a process called “transformational change”. This process is largely focused on change that supports more efficient and effective delivery of public programs. As a publicly funded institution, the University of Regina will be called on to adapt to a shifting economy and changing demands from students and citizens alike.

Since its beginning, our University has demonstrated the ability to meet the needs of our ever-growing and changing student population, and respond to the needs of the larger community. Following in this tradition, we are now undertaking a series of consultations on five initial proposals put forward by the University Leadership Team to help bring about transformational change. This site includes more information on the five proposals. Members of the campus community are encouraged to provide feedback, as well as bring forward other ideas for consideration.

If individuals or groups wish to meet with President Timmons to share their ideas, please contact Rozanne Tennent in the President's Office at 306-585-4696 or by e-mail at to set up an appointment.

To send ideas and proposals directly to President Timmons, please e-mail

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