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Projects and Initiatives

This section contains details about projects and initiatives led by the Associate Vice-President (Academic).

Current Projects


Academic Contracts Guide

Writing Skills Coordination Committee

New Faculty Orientation

Professional Development Workshops for Department and Program Heads  

Virtual Writing Supports Hub

Zero-Cost Material Courses

Gabriel Dumont Institute / University of Regina Affiliation - Metis Research Fund

Student Retention project

Under the leadership of AVP Academic Dr. Nilgün Önder, an Advisory Council on Retention and Graduation and a Working Group on Retention and Graduation were established in June 2019. The objective of this initiative was to more systematically and collaboratively investigate various questions related to student retention and degree completion and to develop recommendations for the improvement of the University’s retention and completion rates as well as to enhance student learning experiences at the University. The Working Group released its Report in August 2020 and it was endorsed by the Advisory Council in September 2020. The Report is located here.

Successful Transitions of Indigenous and Newcomer Students to University

The High School to University Transition Committee created two subcommittees in April 2019: Subcommittee on the Transitions of Indigenous Students and Subcommittee on the Transitions of Newcomer Students. The two subcommittees’ role was to identify the main challenges faced by Indigenous or newcomer students when transitioning from high school to university and develop recommendations for addressing those challenges. The Subcommittees were composed of representatives from the University and the school divisions in the greater Regina area and chaired by AVP-Academic Dr. Nilgün Ӧnder.

The two Reports on the Transitions of Indigenous and Newcomer Students are located here:

Transitions of Indigenous Students
Transitions of Newcomer Students

Framework for Micro-credentials

A Working Group is currently developing a University-wide framework for credit and non-credit micro-credentials. For further information, contact