Organizational Chart

President and Vice-Chancellor
Dr Vianne Timmons

     Provost & Vice-President (Academic)
     Dr Thomas Chase

          Associate Vice-President (Academic and Research)
          Dr Dena McMartin

          Associate Vice-President (Resource Planning)
          Brian Christie

          Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs)
          John Smith

          Associate Vice-President (UR International)
          Livia Castellanos


          Faculty of Arts
          Dr Richard Kleer

          Faculty of Business Administration
          Dr Andrew Gaudes

          Faculty of Education
          Dr Jennifer Tupper

          Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
          Dr Esam M. A. Hussein

          Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance
          Professor Rae Staseson

          Faculty of Kinesiology & Health Studies
          Dr Harold Riemer

          Faculty of Nursing
          Dr david Gregory

          Faculty of Science
          Dr Douglas Farenick (Acting)

          Faculty of Social Work
          Dr Judy White


          Centre for Continuing Education
          Dr Harvey King

          La Cité universitaire francophone
          Dr Emmanuel Aito

   Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy
   Dr Kathy McNutt, Executive Director

          Dr. John Archer Library
          Brett Waytuck

          Registrar's Office
          James D'Arcy

     Vice-President (Administration)
     David Button

          Associate Vice-President (Facilities Management)
          Neil Paskewitz

          Associate Vice-President (Finance)
          Dale Schoffer

          Associate Vice-President (Human Resources)
          Kelly Kummerfield

          Associate Vice-President (Information Services)
          David Wilson

    Vice-President (Research)
     Dr David Malloy

          Associate Vice-President (Academic and Research)
          Dr Dena McMartin

                  Research Centres and Institutes:

                  Centre on Aging and Health - Dr Thomas Hadjistavropoulos
                  Clean Energy Technology Research Institute - Dr Raphael Idem
                  Collaborative Centre for Justice and Safety - Steve Palmer
                  Humanities Research Institute - Dr Ian Germani
                  Institute for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Communities - Dr Gordon Huang
                  Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative-UR - Dr Norm Henderson
                  Saskatchewan Population and Health, Evaluation Research Unit - Dr Tom McIntosh


          Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research
          Dr Thomas Bredohl (Acting)      


          Research Office
          Sally Gray

          University of Regina Press
          Bruce Walsh

          Consultant, Research and Development:
Dr Raymond Deschamps

     Executive Director, University Governance
     Glenys Sylvestre

     Executive Lead, Indigenization    
     Cheryl Quewezance

     Associate Vice-President (Development)
     Bruce C. Anderson

     Executive Director, Communications and Marketing
     Kim McKechney