Dean of Media, Art, and Performance

Update 4

8 May 2018

The President has offered reappointment to Dean Staseson.  Please see the announcement on the Appointments and Renewals webpage here.

The Provost wishes to thank the members of the Reappointment Committee for their participation in this process. They are Jan Bell (APT), Kylie Rae Dahlstrom (graduate student), Jesse Goddard (CUPE), Charity Marsh (faculty), Wes Pearce (Associate Dean), Helen Pridmore (faculty), Christine Ramsay (faculty), Leesa Streifler (faculty), and Hannah Wildman (undergraduate student). The Committee was supported in its work by Nancy Kazeil (Human Resources) and Kristina Untereiner (Provost's Office).

Update 3

19 March 2018

The Review Committee has concluded its deliberations, and has made a recommendation to the Provost.

The Provost will prepare a recommendation to the President for her consideration.

An announcement will follow no later than mid-April.

Update 2

9 February 2018

Dean Staseson has provided a Statement of Accomplishments and Vision (141.04KB). for a further term as Dean of Media, Art, and Performance.

You are invited to react to this document and provide your thoughts regarding a further term for Dean Staseson.  Please do so by sending your input to no later than 4:00 pm on Friday 2 March.

Your input will be anonymized and collated for review in strict confidence by the Reappointment Committee.  The membership of the Committee is as follows:

  • Dr Christine Ramsay (Interdisciplinary Programs Coordinator)
  • Dr Helen Pridmore (Associate Professor)
  • Professor Wes Pearce (Associate Dean, Undergraduate)
  • Dr Leesa Streifler (Professor)
  • Dr Charity Marsh (Canada Research Chair in Interactive Media and Popular Music)
  • Jan Bell (Faculty Administrator and APT Representative)
  • Jesse Goddard (CUPE Representative)
  • Kylie Rae Dahlstrom (Graduate Student Representative)
  • Hannah Wildman (Undergraduate Student Representative)

This Committee is chaired by Dr Thomas Chase, Provost and Vice-President (Academic), and supported in its work by Nancy Kazeil of Human Resources and Kristina Untereiner in the Provost's Office. 

Update 1

8 January 2018

Professor Rae Staseson's current term as Dean of the Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance concludes on 30 June 2019.

Per University policy on out-of-scope academic administrative appointments (available at, Dean Staseson and I have had a conversation about the possibility of a second term as Dean. She has agreed to consider this possibility, and I am therefore initiating the consultative process.

A rough timeline for that process follows. If required, it will be modified according to the needs of the Faculty, and the availability of people involved in the review process:

Timeline and Dates


Week of 8 January

Review process initiated and communicated to faculty, staff, students, and stakeholders

Week of 29 January

Reappointment Committee membership announced

Week of 5 February

Dean Staseson's statement of vision for a second term, together with a statement of her accomplishments during the first term, made publicly available; written input on these and on a further term for Dean Staseson sought from academic staff members, staff, students, alumni, the broader University community, and external stakeholders

Friday 2 March

Deadline for written input from faculty, staff, students, and stakeholders

Thursday/Friday 8-9 March

Reappointment Committee to meet, review input and prepare a recommendation

Dean Staseson has been asked to prepare a statement of her vision for the Faculty over the next five years, together with a statement of accomplishments during the first term. Both will be made public as noted above.

One of the first tasks in the process is to strike a Reappointment Committee. The Committee will be structured as follows:

Committee Members


5 elected faculty members

One from each of the four departments in the Faculty, and one from the complement of non-departmentalized faculty members;

1 elected or appointed APT member

Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance

1 elected or appointed CUPE member

Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance

1 elected or appointed undergraduate student

Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance

1 elected or appointed graduate student

Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance

I will chair the Reappointment Committee, which will be supported in its work by Kristina Untereiner in my office and Nancy Kazeil of Human Resources. The goal is to have the Reappointment Committee membership in place by the end of January.

I would therefore ask MAP academic staff members, APT staff, CUPE staff, and students respectively to determine – by election within departments, appointment, or other means acceptable to you – who will serve on the Reappointment Committee in each of the categories above.

Those intending to serve on the Committee are asked to ensure their availability on Thursday 8 March and Friday 9 March for meetings of the Committee. A precise schedule will be confirmed when the Committee membership is fully in place.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Thomas Chase
Provost and Vice-President (Academic)