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Dean of Science


Update 2

30 March 2021

The Reappointment Committee has concluded its work, and made a recommendation to the Interim Provost. For more information, please consult the Appointments and Renewals webpage here.

Update 1

04 March 2021

Dr Douglas Farenick’s term as Dean of Science ends on 30 June 2022.

Per University policy on out-of-scope academic administrative appointments (available at, Dean Farenick and I have had a conversation about the possibility of a second term as Dean. He has agreed to consider this possibility, and I have initiated the consultative process in the penultimate year of his first term, as specified by the policy.

A Reappointment Committee is now in place. Its membership includes

Chair, Dr. david Gregory, Provost
Dr. Martin Argerami, Mathematics & Statistics
Dr. Garth Huber, Physics
Dr. Peter Leavitt, Biology
Dr. Leslie Robbins, Geology
Ms. Erika Smith, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Dr. Sandra Zilles, Computer Science
Mr. Lee Aument, APT member
Mr. Trent Kostelny, CUPE member
Ms. Shanelle Puffalt, Undergraduate student
Ms. Karin Rustad, Graduate student
Dean Shannon Dea, Dean’s Council Representative


Approximate timelines for review

Tuesday, 16 February:
Review announced to Faculty; call for elections/nominations to the Reappointment Committee made; list of nominated committee members to by noon Friday, 26 February.
By Thursday, 04 March:
Dean Farenick’s summary of accomplishments and vision documents made available on Review webpage; composition of Reappointment Committee announced; call for input made to faculty, staff, students, stakeholders
Wednesday, 17 March:
Deadline for receipt of written input from faculty, staff, students, and stakeholders; all written input anonymized and collated by Provost's Office for review by full Committee
Week of 22 March:
Reappointment Committee meets to discuss input and provide recommendation
Week of 29 March:
Recommendation made to President
Week of 5 April:
Announcement of outcome 


Together with Dean Farenick’s statement of accomplishments and his vision for a further term, and current curriculum vitae, details of the review process are available on the review webpage at

On behalf of the Reappointment Committee, I now invite your input to the review process, which will be held in strict confidence by the Committee. Please send your comments to no later than 4:00 pm on Wednesday, 17 March 2021.



Dr. david Gregory
Interim Provost and Vice-President (Academic)