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Vice-President (Research)

Update 11:

25 May 2020

The search has concluded successfully, and an appointment has been made. Details are available here.

Update 10:

7 May 2020

Thank you to the many members of the campus community who responded to the call for input on the four candidates for the position of Vice-President (Research).

Your input has been anonymized, collated, and distributed in confidence to members of the Search Advisory Committee. The Committee meets again next week to review that input as well as candidates’ interviews,
presentations, and dossiers.

Update 9:

30 April 2020


Following their virtual presentations to campus I am writing to invite your input on the four candidates for the position of Vice-President (Research).

Please send your input to no later than 2:00 p.m. Wednesday 6 May.
All input received by then will be anonymized, collated, and circulated to members of the Search Advisory Committee.

On behalf of the Committee, I would like to thank all who joined the virtual presentations over the last two weeks. The degree of interest indicates how important this position is to the University community, and your input will be reviewed thoroughly by the Committee as it prepares its recommendation.

Thomas Chase
Interim President and Vice-Chancellor

Update 8:

17 April 2020

On behalf of the Search Advisory Committee for the Vice-President (Research), it is a pleasure to confirm that virtual presentations by the four candidates will take place.

If you do not receive a copy to the ZOOM invite please contact

Please review the Zoom Guidelines and Recommendations for the Vice-President (Research) candidate presentations.

Update 7:

14 April 2020

The Search Advisory Committee is pleased to announce the shortlist of candidates for the position of the Vice-President (Research).

The Search Advisory Committee has determined that this search will not be delayed by the pandemic. Each candidate will therefore make a video presentation to faculty, staff, and graduate students; meet via video with the Committee for a formal interview; and meet via video with members of Deans’ Council, the University Leadership Team, and the Research Office.

When these activities are complete, input will be sought from the campus. It will be collated and anonymized for review by the Search Advisory Committee as it determines its recommendation.

A schedule of the virtual open presentations via zoom will be posted here.

Update 6:

31 January 2020
The Search Advisory Committee has finalized the text for the position description. It is available here.

Update 5:

27 January 2020
The Search Advisory Committee met on the 24th to discuss written input received from the campus community.

The Committee has finalized the text for the position advertisement. It is available here.

The Committee also finalized the text of the position description. The document is now in preparation by Boyden, and will be posted to this page when graphic design work is complete.

As noted earlier, the Committee plans to have a longlist in place by 20 March, with a shortlist to follow on 6 April.

Update 4:

20 January 2020

Thanks to the many members of the campus community who provided their thoughts on the recruitment.

Boyden is now preparing an anonymized collation of those comments for review by the Search Advisory Committee.

The Committee hopes to have finalized the position profile and advertisement by Friday 24 January, with both going into broad circulation the week of 27 January.

The Committee plans to determine a longlist of qualified candidates by 20 March, with a shortlist to follow on 6 April. Once shortlisted candidates have given their permission, their names will be announced to campus, together with the dates of campus visits, public presentations, tours, and related activities.

Update 3:

9 January 2020

The following note was circulated to campus:
Please take the opportunity to give us your thoughts on the recruitment of a new Vice-President (Research) for the University of Regina.
The information you provide is confidential and is sent directly to Boyden, the firm assisting with this search. Should you wish Boyden to follow up with you directly, please include your name, phone number, and email address at the bottom of the survey. You can also complete this survey without including any of these details.

The link to the survey is:
The survey will close at 4:00 pm on Thursday, January 16th.
Thank you for providing your thoughts.

Update 2:

20 December 2019

Given her appointment to the presidency of Memorial University in April, President Timmons has asked the Provost to chair the Search Advisory Committee for the Vice-President (Research). He has agreed to do so, and to proceed with the search as scheduled.

Dr Hussameldin Ibrahim, Acting Associate Dean (Research and Graduate Studies) in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, has agreed to take the position on the Committee made vacant by President Timmons' pending departure.

The Committee met yesterday to discuss aspects of the search process, and affirmed the need to proceed without delay. The Committee has reviewed draft timelines and will begin detailed work on the position description early in the new year, with advertising in late January / early February.

A tentative timeline follows. It will be modified and updated as needed, with updates posted to this webpage.

  • Week of 6 January: Online consultations open
  • 24 January: Committee completes review of position profile and advertisement
  • Week of 27 January: Advertisement posted nationally and internationally
  • By 20 March: Committee determines longlist of candidates
  • 6 April: Committee determines shortlist
  • Week of 20 April: Candidates on campus for public presentations, interviews, tours, and related activities
  • Week of 27 April: Committee makes recommendation on appointment
  • Week of 4 May: Board reviews recommendation and makes decision on appointment

Update 1:

25 November 2019

As you are aware, we are now in the process of conducting a national search for the Vice-President (Research). Per the University of Regina's policy on out-of-scope academic administrative appointments (which may be found at, as Chair of the Search Advisory Committee I have finalized the membership of the committee to ensure representation from different academic and administrative areas on campus. The members of the committee include:
Dr Thomas Chase, Provost and Vice-President (Academic)
Dr Michelle Coupal, Canada Research Chair (Arts)
Ms. Sally Gray, Director, Research Office
Dr david Gregory, Dean, Faculty of Nursing
Dr Larena Hoeber, Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research (Kinesiology and Health Studies)
Dr Hussameldin Ibrahim, Acting Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies (Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science)
Ms. Kelly Kummerfield, Associate Vice-President, Human Resources
Dr Thomas McIntosh, Co-Director Saskatchewan Population and Health Evaluation Research Unit (Arts)
Mr. Prakashsamy Ramu, President, Graduate Students' Association
Dr Chris Yost, Chair of the Council Committee on Research (Science)

The committee plans to begin meeting in December and will be assisted in its work by the search firm Boyden.
Dr. Vianne Timmons
President and Vice-Chancellor