Interim Dean of Media, Art, and Performance

Interim Dean Search

Update 3

Monday January 17, 2022

The search for an Interim Dean of Media, Art, and Performance has concluded successfully. For details, please click here.


Update 2

December 20, 2021: Email to the Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students in the Faculty of MAP:

Further to my meeting with you (Faculty Council) and my December 10, e-mail, I am pleased to share with you, the Advisory Committee (AC) membership:

  • Academic staff members:
    • Brent Ghiglione (Music)
    • Bill Hales (Theatre)
    • Charity Marsh (Interdisciplinary Programs)
    • Sean Whalley (Visual Arts)
    • Mark Wihak (Film)
  • APT member: Frank Hanta
  • CUPE member: Val Kokotailo
  • Undergraduate student: Alexander Ranger
  • Graduate student: Dami Egbeyemi

I will chair the SAC, which will be supported in its work by Bryanna Butz (Provost's Office).

I extend my thanks and appreciation to members of the AC. I very much look forward to working with my colleagues in this regard.

The AC will meet in the New Year to review the submissions of the three faculty members who have expressed an interest in the Interim Dean position. In alphabetical order, those individuals are: David Dick, Wes D. Pearce, and Robert Truszkowski. Their letters of intent and Curriculum Vitae are available for review on FILR (individually linked to their names above). I am requesting your input on these three applicants by 4:00 pm, Thursday January 6, 2022. All input received will be anonymized, collated, and circulated in strict confidence to the AC, which will review it in preparation of consideration of the applicants. Please send this input to Bryanna Butz at

Here are the dates and the next steps in the AC consultative process.

December 17: Advisory Committee established and deadline for Interim Dean applications.

December 20: Applicants' letters of intent and Curricula Vitae are available for review via FILR. These materials will remain in place until 4:00 pm Thursday, January 6, 2022. Call to all MAP faculty, staff, and students for written input on the applicants. This input will be anonymized, collated, and circulated in strict confidence to the AC. Please send all input to no later than 4:00 pm on Thursday January 6, 2022

Week of January 3: Applicant interviews with Committee.

January 6: 4:00 pm deadline for written input from students, staff, and faculty. Material recieved after this date/time will not be accepted. Input is to be sent to

Between 10 and 12 January: The Committee will meet, review the applicants' letters of intent, CVs, as well as input received and provide a recommendation to the Interim Provost. NOTE: The Committee may meet more than once during this time line.

By January 12: Recommendation made to the Interim Provost. The Provost makes his recommendation to the President, who makes the final decision.

By January 17: Interim Dean appointment announced.

January 17 2022 to December 31, 2022: Term of Interim Dean NOTE: This term may be subject to a brief extension, as required, until the new Dean is in place. 

At the end of January or early February 2022, I will work with faculty, staff, and students--to commence the establishment of a Search Advisory Committee (SAC). The SAC will engage in a formal search for a new Dean, Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance.

All updates regarding the search for an Interim Dean will be posted here:

Please let me know of any questions or concerns.

Most Sincerely

david Gregory
Interim Provost and Vice-President (Academic)

Update 1

December 10, 2021: Email to the Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance

Dear Members of the Faculty of MAP:

Thank you for meeting with me the other day.

I am confirming the details of our discussion as follows:

Acting Dean

* Professor Whalley, Acting Dean, December 6 to 19
* Dr. Ramsay, Acting Dean, December 20 to January 2
* If an Acting Dean is required past January 2nd, I will consult with Sean and Christine.

I want to thank Sean and Christine for their ongoing leadership.

Interim Dean

The Provost's Office will strike a smaller-scale Search Advisory Committee (SAC) to consider nominations for an Interim Dean.

Interim Dean in place on or before January 7th.

NOTE: I do recognize that the "end of term" is upon each of you. And so, if we need to extend the Search Advisory Committee work into January--we can do so. I'll provide an
update to you in this regard the week of the 20th. Let's see where we land over the next week.

* One faculty member from each of the departments: Film, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts, and the Interdisciplinary Programs. Members are to be elected or agreed to through consensus dialogue.
Five faculty members in total

If you could please submit these names to Frank--and he will then forward them to Bryanna.
* Faculty Administrator serving APT
* One representative serving CUPE (elected or acclaimed) (Note: Frank will provide Bryanna with this name)
* One undergraduate student (elected or acclaimed)
* One graduate student (elected or acclaimed) [Note: Christine will provide Bryanna with the students' names].

Representative names should be sent to the Provost's Office (Bryanna) by 12 noon December 17th

Total = 9 members + Chair (Gregory)

Interim Dean Applicants: Faculty members who are interested in serving the Faculty of MAP as Interim Dean are encouraged to submit in confidence: (a) cover letter (2-3 pages, indicating why the position is of interest; and the strengths they would bring to the position; and (b) Current CV.

Faculty members who are interested in this position can submit their applications at any time up to and including December 17th by 12 noon.

If possible, the SAC will meet the week of December 20th. I am hopeful that one meeting will suffice (2 hours in duration). If the SAC needs to reschedule into the New Year.

Search Advisory Committee: Dean

Once the Interim Dean is ensconced, a SAC for the Dean position will be formally established. I will return to MAP in the New Year and seek advice as to the composition of this
Committee--and then mobilize the Committee into action.

Start date for new dean = July 1st (perhaps overly ambitious) or possibly September or December 2022, or in January 2023.

Workplace Assessment

I did review a draft. FOLK consultants are finalizing the report (formatting). I will share such with you in January 2022--once the Interim Dean is in place.

I anticipate meeting with you to review the report and to seek your advice, along with the Interim Dean and the Administrative Team, as to "next steps" and follow up as appropriate.

Colleagues--I know there is much you are dealing with at present. The end of term is exhausting--and I am asking more of you. Please know I am cognizant of such.

Thank you for meeting with me.

Most Sincerely,