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Presidential Search

Search Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

The University of Regina is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion. The Board of Governors believes that a Search Advisory Committee comprised of individuals with differing experience and perspective will provide diversity of thought and result in robust discussion, and superior decisions.

Membership (voting):

  • Board Chair (chair of Search Advisory Committee)
  • Chancellor
  • Members of the Governance & Nominations Committee of the Board of Governors (2)
  • Self-identified Indigenous member
  • URSU Student representative
  • Graduate Students’ Association representative
  • Faculty representatives (2)
  • Deans’ Council representative
  • Administrative (AVP) representative
  • APT representative
  • CUPE representative
  • Alumni representative

Although specific constituencies will recommend individuals for membership on the Search Advisory Committee, that Committee will be charged with undertaking their responsibilities in the best interest of the University of Regina. The ultimate responsibility of the Search Advisory Committee is to ensure that the best possible candidate for all constituencies and the University as a whole is recommended to the Board of Governors for their approval.

Resources (non-voting):

  • University Secretary
  • Presidential search consultant

Policy Guidance:

EMP-010-030 Out-of-Scope Senior Appointments

Role and Responsibilities:

The role of the Search Advisory Committee (the “Committee”) is to generate a strong pool of candidates and advise the Committee Chair of those candidates best qualified to lead the University as its next President and Vice-Chancellor. In order to attract the best candidates, the Board of Governors recognizes that senior leaders, including current university presidents and vice-presidents, will be very hesitant to pursue a new position if their intention is made public. Recognizing that there is a limited pool of qualified candidates, the quality of candidate desired to lead our University, and consistent with other Canadian university presidential searches, the confidentiality of all candidates will be maintained throughout the search process.

  1. The Committee will be responsible to the Board of Governors of the University of Regina, and will report its progress to the Board of Governors on a regular basis, via the Chair of the Committee.

  2. The Committee will be responsible for conducting a thorough and extensive search for appropriate candidates for a new president.

  3. The documents and deliberations of the Committee will remain strictly confidential. Only the Chair of the Committee will speak for the Committee.

  4. Committee members will declare to the Chair or the University Secretary a potential or existing conflict of interest, at their earliest opportunity.

  5. Committee members will ensure their availability from start to finish, including providing advice and input into the transition plan for the new president.

  6. The Committee will obtain input from the University community and the community at large in determining the skills, personal qualities and experience that a new president should possess, and that will be used in development of the position profile.

  7. The Committee will work with the Board-appointed presidential search consultant to assist it in seeking out suitable candidates.

  8. The Committee will adhere to the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion in carrying out its search process, and will participate in unconscious bias training in preparation for its important role in the search process.

  9. The timelines proposed will target that a successful candidate will ideally be in place before July 1, 2021.

  10. The Committee will recommend a candidate to the Board of Governors, and the Board will be responsible for making the final decision on the successful candidate and negotiating the terms of the agreement with that candidate.

Approved by the Board of Governors
May 5, 2020 (Amended)