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Remote Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will be updated regularly as information becomes available.

What do you mean by "remote delivery"?

Follow hyperlink for further information on remote learning.

Can I access computers in the public computer labs?

  • Unfortunately, we had to close all Public Computer Labs until further notice, effective 8:00 PM, Tuesday, March 24, 2020.
  • If you do not have access to a computer due to this closure, please send an email to

What are the computer requirements to "Learn Remotely"?

You will need access to wifi or data, and a computer desktop, tablet, laptop, or cell phone to learn remotely.  Zoom meetings can be accessed from a cell phone.

What should I do if I need technical assistance for UR Courses or Zoom?

Will courses be taught synchronously (all students meet virtually at a certain time) or asynchronously (not at a certain time, information posted, discussion forums, etc)?

This will be up to your instructor. Your instructor will contact you with information on how the final content for your course will be taught.

  • Log into the Student Class Notes Portal to see information from your instructors on how they will proceed with the delivery of your courses. This will be accessible as of Thursday, March 19th ahead of the resumption of classes on on Friday, March 20th.
  • Please do not contact your instructor directly prior to checking the Class Notes Portal, to allow them time to do the preparations they have to do prior to the resumption of teaching

Are there physical location restrictions for "remote delivery"?

As long as you have access to wifi or data, and a device to work from you can have remote delivery for distance learning. UR Courses can be accessed from any browser on a computer, tablet, or mobile device. Zoom meetings an also be joined from any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

What if I require technical assistance?

Please contact IT Support if you require technical assistance. We are encouraging social distancing so, please call or email the IT Support Centre with your questions or concerns.

Please be patient with response times as the IT Support Centre is receiving a lot of calls. We have brought in additional staff to assist, and they will get back to you as quickly as possible.

What if I don't have internet or wireless access?

If you have a phone with a data plan, you can connect your computer to wireless using the hotspot on your phone.

If your computer does not have wireless capability, you may be able to connect your computer or laptop to your phone data. There are many videos online to help with tethering a computer to a cell phone using a USB connection. 

Here are a few examples: