Remote Research

Remote Research

Welcome Researchers

Please view sections below, which have been compiled to provide researchers with resources to assist with carrying out adapted research plans

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) & Internet Connectivity

How do I connect to my on-campus computer via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)?

  • To access software already installed on a desktop computer system on-campus, faculty and staff can use RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) to connect to the on-campus computer where the software is already installed.
  • Information on this option is outlined on the Working Off Campus page 
  • For assistance connecting via RDP, please contact the IT Support Centre

Internet Connectivity and Data Transfers

For large data transfers to other Universities, consider the RDP option above to connect to your on-campus desktop, and do your work and data transfers from there.
  • Connecting with RDP allows you to take advantage of the on-campus 10Gbps research network connection and the 1Gbps connection to your on-campus desktop computer through the University network.

Software Options

What are my software options?

  • One option to access software on campus for faculty and staff is to use RDP to connect to their work machine where the software is already installed.
  • In some instances, software is open source and free of cost (e.g. R statistical analysis software), and can be installed on any reasonable computer such as student laptops.
  • Gavin Simpson has offered assistance for students needing to install software required to conduct analyses from home.
  • Limited funding from VPR will be made available for software licensing (e.g. statistical or bioinformatics software licenses) required for data analysis or modeling activities. Contact for further questions or information.


SPSS Access

For Faculty and Staff, the University licensed SPSS software may be installed on a University-owned system, or a personally-owned computer. 

For Grad Students, SPSS software can only be installed for them if they are using University-owned computer equipment. We cannot install the U of R licensed SPSS on student-owned equipment.

Note: Accessing SPSS from off campus requires VPN connection. IBM does not formally support at home use, when access to the license server is through a VPN server. 

More information is on the U of R SPSS website at

AppsAnywhere Software Access

  • Some specialized software is available through the AppsAnywhere software distribution portal. See the list of available software at
  • This AppsAnywhere portal is currently only licensed for use on public lab computers on campus.
  • Researchers can purchase a one-year access license to the AppsAnywhere software for $25 + tax/year.
    • Note: Each license purchased can only be used on one specific Windows device.
  • This may be a reasonable option for grad students that require access to software.
  • To purchase a license(s) for AppsAnywhere access, contact the IT Support Centre

Microsoft and .pdf writer software for Researchers

In the past, some research grants did not allow the purchase of Microsoft Office or .pdf writer software
  • Financial Services and the Research Office have confirmed that research grants can now be used for software purchases, when the computer they are being installed onto was also purchased with that grant.
  • Effective January 2021, Information Services is no longer providing software licenses for researchers.
  • To purchase a site license, fill out the online request form through Supply Management Services. They will put through a request to Information Services for installation on your behalf once the purchase is made.

Hardware Options

What are my hardware options?

More powerful computing resources on IECS computers can be accessed remotely

  • Especially useful for using/running R.
  • May be helpful for students that don't have hardware at home
  • Gavin Simpson has offered to assist with this


Training and Support Resources

Quantitative Data Analysis using NVivo or other software such as Dedoose or Atlas.ti

  • See Library Resources section below for training opportunities (NVivo).
  • We are also looking for faculty who could volunteer time and expertise for workshops on qualitative data analysis approaches like narrative inquiry, discourse analysis (i.e. not just software). Please contact if you are interested in assisting.

Library Resources

What library resources are available to researchers?

The Library website ( provides remote access to thousands of electronic journals, books, databases, and other resources, as well as information about services, training and hours.

Research Support

For Additional Technical Support and Assistance

For Research Grant Information and Assistance

Contact the Research Office

For additional FAQs and information for Researchers, Graduate Student and Research Assistants

Please visit the Research page in the Faculty & Staff section of the Upcoming Academic Terms: Info and Plans website.


For other assistance or support, please contact the IT Support Centre.