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Remote Teaching

Instructor Highlights for Teaching this Term

Determine your approach to teaching remotely.

  • Consult with your faculty, as they may have faculty-specific recommendations.

Communicate your approach to your students

  • If using UR Courses, set up the course and add 'Course Summary' description that will show for students before you make the course itself visible to students.
  • Provide a method of contact, if you will use UR Courses, if and how you will use Zoom etc.
  • If not using UR Courses, you can add a note to students in the Class Notes portal.

Set up UR Courses if you will be using it to for your course.

Set up Zoom class meetings if you are planning synchronous lectures.

  • Option 1: Integrate Zoom Meetings into UR Courses
    • Add Zoom Meetings as an Activity in your course.
    • If you do not already have a licensed Zoom account, integrating into UR Courses will automatically create a licensed Zoom account for you.
  • Option 2: Use a ready-to-go Virtual Zoom Classroom to host lectures
    • Zoom account not required.
    • Enable the Virtual Zoom Classroom for a course by clicking the checkbox in the Class Notes Portal for the course.
  • Option 3: Use Your Personal Zoom Account to Schedule and Host class meetings.
    • Note: Class meetings should be scheduled within the bounds of the scheduled class time to avoid conflicts for students.

NOTE: If Recording, ensure you are in compliance with the Privacy Guidelines for Recording Zoom Lectures

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