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Remote Teaching

Virtual Zoom Classrooms

Virtual Zoom Classrooms have been set up as an online replacement for each classroom on campus.

Virtual Classrooms will provide you the option to meet via Zoom with your students at your usual class time in a virtual online room with the same room number as your previous physical classroom. The Virtual Zoom Classrooms can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, including from a computer, tablet or smart phone. 

NOTE: If you plan to use the Virtual Zoom Classrooms that have been setup, you do not need your own Zoom account. 

If you are using a Virtual Zoom Classroom to meet with your students, please ensure you login to the Class Notes Portal, edit each class, and choose "Yes, display this link to students" to provide access to the Virtual Zoom Classroom for the students. 

Please do not access a Virtual Zoom Classroom outside of your usual class time. The schedule for use is the same as for the corresponding physical classroom. 

To join a Zoom Classroom, find your classroom number in the list and click the link to join the room at your usual class meeting time. 

You can upgrade your access to the virtual zoom classroom by using the 'claim host' option when you first join the zoom meeting. You will find the 'key' for 'claiming host' for each of your courses in the Class Notes Portal. You will show as just a regular participant until you Claim Host.

To Claim host: Click "Participants". Within the Participants section, Click "Claim Host" at the lower right side of the Participants list.  Enter the 5 digit key when prompted.  A 5-minute video on how to 'claim host' is available under the Resources tab or direct link here.

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