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Remote Teaching

Virtual Zoom Classrooms

Virtual Zoom Classrooms

  • Are an online replacement for physical classrooms on campus.
  • Provide the option to meet via Zoom with your students at the scheduled class time, in a virtual online room with the same room number as your physical classroom.
  • Can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, including from a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Do not require a personal Zoom account or Zoom login.

Setting up a Virtual Zoom Classroom

If you choose to use a Virtual Zoom Classroom, you must enable the link in the Class Notes Portal:

  • Login to the Class Notes Portal
  • Find the course and click "Edit."
  • Choose "Yes, display this link to students."

Features and Security Settings

The following settings have been applied to all Virtual Zoom Classrooms:

  • Attendees are not hosts, and cannot share their screen or otherwise control the meeting.
  • Everyone joining the meeting has their audio muted by default on entry.
  • Note: Please ask your students not to share Zoom log-in links, for security reasons.

Instructors can upgrade their access to 'Host' to control the meeting:

  • As the Instructor, you must use the 'Claim Host' option to control the meeting, which includes managing participants and screen-sharing.
  • You will show as a regular participant until you do so.
  • You will find the 'key' for 'claiming host' for each of your courses in the Class Notes Portal. 
  • To 'Claim Host' when logged into the virtual zoom classroom:
    • Click "Participants" at the bottom center of the zoom window, within the Participants section click "Claim Host" on the lower right side of the Participants list. Enter the 5-digit key when prompted.
  • To learn more, view the 5-minute how-to claim host video.

Additional settings that can be controlled by the meeting host:

  • If Recording, ensure you are in compliance with the Privacy Guidelines for Recording Zoom Meetings
  • Lock the meeting to prevent anyone else from joining.
    • Note: If a student has technical difficulties and needs to rejoin the meeting, they would also be locked out and  prevented from rejoining.
  • Assign host to another individual, to allow them to share their screen if required.
  • If using a Zoom Virtual classroom, you may want to consider having some indicator, a small sign within the video frame somehow, to minimize the chance of students being in the wrong room.

Joining the Virtual Zoom Classroom meeting

  • Shortly before the scheduled class time, log in to the Class Notes Portal to access the zoom link, meeting ID, password, and host key for your room.
  • Click the link to connect to the Virtual Zoom Classroom meeting.
  • Once connected, use the "Claim Host" option to take control of the meeting:
    • Click "Participants" at the bottom center of the Zoom window.
    • Within the Participants section click "Claim Host" on the lower right side of the Participants list.
    • If the option is not showing, click the ... menu to access additional choices.
    • Enter the 5-digit host key when prompted.
  • Please do not access a Virtual Zoom Classroom outside of your designated class time. The schedule for use is the same as for the corresponding physical classroom.

Note: The passwords and host keys may change periodically for additional security. Please access the room through the Class Notes Portal each time.

Read more information about the Class Notes Portal or