Helpful Tips for your submission

The Risk Assessment Committee (RAC) is pleased to share several reminders; tips that, if followed, will help us help you:

  • Submissions must come from the faculty supervisor. While it is true that the vast majority of submissions to date focus on continuity of graduate student research, the faculty supervisor must make the submission.
  • Work schedules for on-campus activity. For on-campus research or creative activity, remember to include a work schedule. A template is available here. If your schedule changes, you should update it and resubmit to the Research Office (
  • Multiple submissions over time for the same research project. For a variety of reasons, projects change and it may be necessary to make multiple submissions. We see lots of submissions and it is a challenge to keep them all top of mind and sorted. If you are making a second (or third …) submission on an existing project, please tell us that. If the only change is the number of people working on the project, you don’t need to submit a full risk assessment. Rather, an updated schedule with a note explaining why the update is needed is sufficient. If you’re not sure whether to resubmit, contact the Research Office ( and explain your situation.
  • Account for approval time. When planning your project submission, the risk assessment, and the work schedule, remember to account for approval time. The RAC meets weekly and has a service level commitment to turn around the approval within 2 weeks following the RAC meeting where your project was reviewed. (Over a period of 3 weekly meetings where the RAC reviewed 49 submissions, the median time lapse for approval was 12 days.)
  • Before you submit, check for updates. The research recovery guidelines, processes, and forms have changed as we move from phase to phase. Important guidance and training from the Health, Safety and Wellness team is also evolving as new information comes to light. To ensure you always have the benefit of the latest information, check the Research Office’s COVID-19 and Research page and the Health, Safety and Wellness team’s COVID-19 Resources page from time to time and particularly before you begin to prepare your risk assessment.

On behalf of the RAC, we hope you find these reminders useful. If you have questions that haven’t been addressed, please send them to the Research Office ( and they will be answered as quickly as possible.