Roll Back details - March 29, 2021

Phase 1 Red Guideline

  • There will be no on-campus building restrictions.
  • One individual per Principal Investigator (PI) assigned lab space is permitted.
  • COVID-19 related and animal research will be considered on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the Associate Vice-President (Research). Please contact the AVPR via email
  • Any research activities requiring face to face interactions with human participants are strictly prohibited.
  • Any research activities that occur within a community are strictly prohibited.
  • No undergraduate students are permitted in labs/studios or in field research in Phase 1 Red.
  • All researchers and student researchers returning to campus must complete an online health and safety module on the University of Regina’s Covid-19 research protocols.
Next Steps For Principal Investigators:

If your research is permitted according to Phase 1 Red guidelines, and you received an approval from the Risk Assessment Committee previously, you must revise your schedule to comply with the 1person per PI per lab/studio rule and implement that revised schedule.

If your research is not permitted according to Phase 1 Red guidelines because of the location off campus (i.e. in the community), nature of activity (i.e. face to face/in person) or personnel involved (undergraduate students), you must pause research activity for the duration of this roll-back period effective March 29 to April 12.

If you are doing COVID-related research or animal research, please contact the Associate Vice-President (Research) for a case-by-case review and further direction.

Under any of the circumstances mentioned above, communicate changes to your graduate students and others in your research team.

 Questions may be directed to