Canada Research Chairs - Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The University is strongly committed to fostering equity, diversity, and inclusion with the Canada Research Chair program, our broader research enterprise, and our entire community. In 2015, the University of Regina was recognized by the Canada Research Chair (CRC) Secretariat for achieving equity in our Chairs complement, particularly in the Women and Visible Minorities categories with 40% and 20% respectively, out of 10 Chairs at the time. 

To be publically accountable and transparent regarding the management of the Canada Research Chairs allocated to the University of Regina, we provide the following information. 

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Commitment Statement

The University of Regina is committed to diversity and inclusion and this is embedded in our 2015-2020 strategic plan entitled peyak aski kikawinaw– Cree for “We are one with Mother Earth”.

This commitment is shown in our commitment statement where we state: “The University of Regina is committed to an inclusive workplace that reflects the richness of the community that we serve. The University welcomes applications from all qualified individuals, including individuals within the University's employment equity categories of women, persons with disabilities, members of visible minorities/racialized groups, aboriginal persons, individuals of diverse gender and sexual orientation and all groups protected by the Human Rights Code.”

Communications Strategy

The University communicates its commitment statement in all of our advertisements and postings for employment opportunities.  In addition it is communicated to search committees and we do active outreach to a broad group of community members that provide services to diversity group members to increase the diversity of our applicant pool.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan and Governance

Governance Plan Overview

A senior management committee is responsible for the strategic governance of the University’s EDI commitments and implementation of the mainstream strategic approach.  The committee mandate is to provide strategic leadership to remove all systemic barriers that obstruct inclusion. Chaired by the Vice-President (Research), its membership consists of the Executive Lead of Indigenization, the EDI Officer, the Associate Vice-President (HR), and several Deans.  The committee provides a biannual report to the University Of Regina Board Of Governors.

Contact Information

Questions or concerns related to equity and diversity can be directed to:

Danni Kenzle
Organizational Development & People Programs
Human Resources
University of Regina


Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Concerns

The University of Regina acknowledges based upon feedback from members of the five federally designated groups that the processes used; to recruit, for self-identification, to support and renew CRCs meets or exceeds expectations. Concerns raised include; the start-up package discrepancies, salaries, identity and self-declaration status, and the amount of diversity on search committees.

The University of Regina has a Respectful University Policy where issues, among other items, around equity, diversity and inclusion can be raised.  Matters specific to staffing actions can be reported to Human Resources. All matters will be investigated. Matters are reported annually to the University Executive Team and the Board of Governors.

Equity Targets and Gaps

Equity target data can be found at Equity Targets and Results of Participating Institutions.

Staffing Policies Governing Canada Research Chair Positions at the University

In addition to the Employment policies that govern all staffing actions, the University’s Research Chairs policy addresses the selection and renewal of candidates for Research Chairs, including Canada Research Chairs.

2019 Addendum to 2006 Agreement   

Canada Research Chair Utilization Spreadsheet

Postings for Active Canada Research Chair Positions Recruitment

Requirements for Recruiting & Nominating Canada Research Chair

Previously Posted Canada Research Chair Positions

Transparency of Internal Competitions

In keeping with our Research Chairs policy, the University will use its allocation of Canada Research Chairs primarily to recruit new researchers and will endeavour to create and/or access opportunities for other Research Chairs to recognize researchers who currently hold faculty appointments at the University.

Transparency Statements for Tier I third term or Emergency Retention

Not applicable, however this section will be updated 30 days prior to a nomination. As well, all nominations will be addressed on a case by case basis and if necessary, adhering to the CRC Emergency Retention Mechanism.

Canada Research Chair Program Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Practices webpage

Public Reports

University of Regina EDI Progress Report, Dec 2018

University of Regina EDI 2019-2020 Report 

University of Regina Equity target-setting