Canada Research Chairs

Canada Research Chairs - Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Canada Research Chairs

The University of Regina’s Canada Research Chairs conduct research in areas that enhance our strategic research themes and strengths. The support provided by the Canada Research Chair program and the Canada Foundation for Innovation augments the University’s capacity to foster and develop world-class centres of research excellence.

Name of Chairholder CRC Tier Granting Council CRC Research Discipline Research Topics
Dr. Natasha Gallant 2 Health Psychology Aging and Long-Term Care
Dr. Omar El-Halfawy 2 Health Biochemistry Chemogenomics and Antimicrobial Research: Understanding microbial virulence and antibiotic resistance; using chemogenomics to uncover novel targets for antimicrobials
Dr. Michelle Coupal 2 Social Sciences and Humanities English Truth and Reconciliation and Indigenous Literatures: Indigenous pedagogies and profiles, pedagogies of reconciliation, teaching trauma and Indian Residential School literature, trauma and testimony
Dr. Jennifer Gordon 2 Health Psychology

Biopsychosocial Determinants of Women's Mental Health: understanding the biological and psychological mechanisms by which reproductive hormones (e.g. estrogen and progesterone) influence mood and wellbeing across the female lifespan (e.g. adolescence, menopause transition)

Dr. Gordon Huang 1 Natural Sciences and Engineering Environmental Engineering Energy and Environment: systems analysis for energy and environmental systems based on a variety of modeling and experimental studies
Dr. Margot Hurlbert 1 Social Sciences and Humanites Public Policy

Climate Change, Energy and Sustainability Policy: Identifying pathways for socio-technical discarbonisation and climate change policy

Dr. Peter Leavitt 1 Natural Sciences and Engineering Environmental Sciences

Environmental Change and Society: forecasting the unique and combined effects of climate change and societal development on water quality and availability in Canada and the world

Dr. Sandra Zilles 1 Natural Sciences and Engineering Computer Science Computational Learning Theory: involves designing and analyzing new models and effective algorithms for interactive machine learning
Dr. Taiwo Afolabi 2 Social Sciences and Humanities Theatre
Socially Engaged Theatre: exploring how theatre and performance can initiate dialogue around issues of race relations, belonging, social justice and human rights.