Research Impact

The University of Regina’s Strategic Plan ( identifies research impact as one of its three key priorities. We strive to create “An intellectually active and innovative research community with the supports and infrastructure to expand the boundaries of knowledge and to have a meaningful impact at home and beyond.”

  • The University measures its progress in achieving the strategic plan – including research impact – through the institutional Performance Measurement Framework.
  • We also believe it is important to recognize and value different types of research and research impact. Check out vignettes and Feature Stories describing University of Regina research that has impact.
  • Many tools are available to assist researchers in determining the impact of their research. Explore some of the most commonly-accepted Resources currently used and available at the University of Regina.
  • A symposium on research and innovation impact hosted by the Vice-President (Research) was held at the University on February 7, 2019. Learn more about the event.