Strategic Research Plan 2016-2021

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The University of Regina’s Strategic Research Plan 2016-2021 will guide our research endeavors over the next five-years. 

This Strategic Research Plan (SRP) is the product of outstanding contributions and commitment from committee members and the feedback and engagement of the University of Regina campus community as a whole.

The SRP renews our commitment to the five research clusters, to our graduate students, to Indigenization, and to the balanced portfolio of research impact. This balanced portfolio recognizes the diversity of impact to which our scholars contribute – from traditional methods such as papers, books, and grants to social, cultural, economic, and policy impact.

Our University is taking a lead in this realm and our research community will be the richer for it.

Download the Strategic Research Plan 2016-2021 Strategic Research Plan  (1183 KB)

Research Strategy Implementation

The VPR’s Research Portfolio 2016-2021: A Plan for Research Strategy Implementation describes the portfolio of change initiatives planned over the next five years that will contribute to achieving research-related objectives within the University’s 2015-2020 Strategic Plan and the Strategic Research Plan 2016-2021. The document also addresses the rationale supporting the plan and the people and process responsible for its creation and implementation.

Download the VPR’s Research Portfolio 2016-2021: A Plan for Research Strategy Implementation Strategic Research Plan

Download Key Messages Q&A Strategic Research Plan

Research Portfolio Status Reports

Starting in September 2017, quarterly portfolio progress and status reports will be posted here.