Student Research

Most research is done by teams of students, postdoctoral researchers, and professors. There are many opportunities for students to acquire experience in research. Such opportunities include working as a research assistant, writing an Honours thesis, and undertaking Master's or Doctoral degrees. The University of Regina endeavours to develop and maintain a supportive and diverse research environment and a culture of excellence for all scholars. Various research opportunities exist for Graduate and Undergraduate students.


Graduate Student Research

Find out more information about Graduate Student Research by visiting the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.

Undergraduate Student Research 

The University of Regina strives to encourage and support Undergraduate Student Research. Find out more about Undergraduate Student Research in different Faculties and Departments by following links below:

Faculty of Arts 

Department of Psychology 

Department of History  

Department of Geography

Faculty of Science 

Department of Biology 

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Department of Computer Science

Department of Geology

Department of Mathematics and Statistics 

Department of Physics 


Faculty of Business Administration 

Faculty of Education


Faculty of Nursing


Undergraduate Student Research Stories


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