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Entrance Scholarships & Awards that Require an Application

There are many scholarships and awards that look at a combination of your admission average and other extracurricular activities that require you to fill out an application in order to be considered as a candidate. Award values can range from $500 to $23,000.  All applications and supporting documents must be received (submitted) at the University of Regina or via SAMS (Student Awards Management System) by the award deadline in order to be considered. 

Students can look up awards and apply online using SAMS.  Please note that SAMS will be unavailable from 9:00 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. daily for regular scheduled maintenance.

Please note: The Entrance 2022 award application will be available starting January 15, 2022.


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If you would like more information on the U of R, please visit the Future Students site.

Here are some tips to help you get a head start:

  • Review the award descriptions on SAMS
  • Look at the application requirements in the descriptions and you can get a head start on the requirements
  • Preparing your personal statement (only one is submitted for all  awards you are applying for)
  • Prepare a list of Extra-Curricular activities and Community Involvement
  • Obtain additional materials required (i.e., letters of reference, writing samples, etc.)

Need help?  Contact us.

Be sure to read the general regulations and refer to the glossary in understanding the types of awards and commonly-used terms, including the various GPA types.