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Aquatics Facility

The department is home to a recently renovated 1700 square foot aquatics facility. The facility includes the necessary water treatment and holding equipment for housing a wide variety of both fresh- and salt-water aquatic vertebrates. The facility contains six 3500 L circular tanks, four living stream systems, numerous smaller aquaria, two environmental chambers, a cold room, more than sufficient space for animal handling and surgery, and a separate storage and wash-up facility.

Living Streams-Aquatics Facility
Living streams in Aquatics Facility
Large Tanks-Aquatics Facility
Large tanks in Aquatics Facility
Large Tank-Aquatics Facility
Individual tank in Aquatics Facility
Large Tank-Aquatics Facility
Fish in tank in Aquatics Facility
Lamprey Aquarium-Aquatics Facility
Lamprey aquarium in Aquatics Facility
Lamprey Tanks-Aquatics Facility
Lamprey tanks in Aquatics Facility
Bench Area-Aquatics Facility
Bench area in Aquatics Facility
Storage area-Fish Facility
Storage area in Fish Facility