Welcome to the George F. Ledingham Herbarium

George in the Herbarium

The late Dr. G.F. Ledingham (1911-2006) established the Herbarium in 1945. He devoted a good portion of his lifetime in expanding the collections of the Herbarium, both while he was a full-time faculty member and during twenty plus years of retirement. The Herbarium has almost 50,000 vascular plant specimens, 10,000 bryophyte specimens, and 10,000 specimens of lichens.

Location:  LB 152 (Laboratory Building, Room 152)

Curator:   The herbarium does not currently have a curator.  For access to the herbarium, please contact one of:
    Erin Ennis (Dept. of Biology), erin.ennis@uregina.ca
    Mel Hart (Assoc. Dean of Science), mel.hart@uregina.ca

    Harold Weger (Dept. of Biology), harold.weger@uregina.ca

Tributes to Dr. George F. Ledingham

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