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Biology Employment Opportunities

The TA application deadline for the Fall 2020 semester is July 15, 2020

In Fall 2020 we will need TAs for BIOL 100, 110 (marking only), 140, 150, 222 (marking only), 266, 275, 305, 310, 335 and 399AC. Note that the majority of TAships will be for BIOL 100. Please remember that BIOL803 is scheduled for Wednesdays at 2:30 in the Fall semester.

TA application form for Graduate Students

TA application form for Undergraduate Students

TAships will generally be comprised of a combination of laboratory teaching and lab/lecture grading. Laboratory sections are scheduled for weekday mornings (8:30 am), afternoons (2:30 pm), evenings (6:00 pm), and also on Saturday afternoons (1:30 pm). When indicating periods of non-availability on the TA Application, please indicate periods of non-availability due to only: course scheduling conflicts, research commitments or family/faith commitments.

Graduate students without major scholarships are guaranteed up to 120 hours of TAship. It is possible to request fewer than 120 hours, and also to request more than 120 hours.  Requests for more than 120 hours will be considered, but will only be granted if there are courses that need additional TA hours.