Co-op Program

For students interested in work experience as part of their undergraduate education, the Department offers a Co-operative Work/Study program in which students spend up to four months of work-term in fully-salaried chemistry or biochemistry related jobs. The Co-op program uses a full trimester year (three 4-month terms) and thus allow completion of a 4-year degree and 12 months of practical experience in a TOTAL: of five years, with the advantage of a job during the time the student is not taking courses. Once admitted to Co-op, students are either in school or at work.

At the time of application for admission to the placement cycle, a student:

• must have completed at least 21 credit hours toward a BSc degree, including CHEM 104 and CHEM 140;

• must have achieved a minimum GPA of 70.00% in courses required for the major and overall;

• must be enrolled in a program to complete at least three (3) biochemistry/chemistry courses beyond CHEM 104, prior to commencement of the first work term.

Successful completion of three work terms is required for the Co-op designation, with a fourth work term being optional. To continue in the Co-op option, students must maintain a GPA of 72.50% and must enroll in at least 12 credit hours in academic terms between work terms. One of the first two work terms must be in a fall or winter term (i.e. both may not be in summer terms).

Placement of the students with prospective employers is conducted by the Co-op office, University of Regina. For further information on the Co-op program in Chemistry and Biochemistry, please contact Dr. Stephen Cheng, the Departmental Co-op coordinator, or if you like, you can visit the University's Co-operative Work/Study program's website.

Information about the chemistry and biochemsitry co-op report can be found here.