Biochemistry and Chemistry Students Association

The Biochemistry and Chemistry Student Association (BCSA) is a student association which acts in the purposes of bringing undergraduate and graduate students of all backgrounds together. BCSA allows students from all university disciplines to become members. BCSA has a small but growing student body which can collaborate in the student common room located in LB 133 which acts as a place to do homework or just relax for BCSA members. We at BCSA hosts annual events and socials for students needing down time. In summary, BCSA helps University of Regina students get a broad base in sciences through facilitation of learning and collaboration of students through various means.

The BCSA is also actively involved with the Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC) South Saskatchewan local section as well as the Association of the Chemical Profession of Saskatchewan (ACPS). For more information on the ACPS, please check out this link.