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New Academic Year Department Social

Sun., Sep. 13, 2015 1:00 p.m. - Sun., Sep. 13, 2015 5:00 p.m.

Location: Willow Island, Wascana Park

Contact: Department of Mathematics & Statistics - 306-585-4148

As part of our welcoming activities for the new academic year, the Department of Mathematics & Statistics is holding an outdoor event at Willow Island in Wascana Park.

Transportation to the island is by boat, which can be taken, eight people at a time, from the Willow Island Overlook, just in front of Willow Island, at any time from 1:00PM onwards. The use of the island and transportation to and fro is free of cost for Department students and faculty and their families.

In terms of food and drinks, this will be a potluck party, with everyone bringing their own food to share with everyone else. There are barbecues for those interested in cooking there (BBQ's similar to those around Wascana Park), but you will have to bring your own supplies to operate them (charcoals, matches, etc). Please bring your own plates, cutlery and drinking glasses.

There will be a fire pit with firewood provided by the Wascana Center Authority, which we may use in case it is cold (or even if it isn't). We have use of the northern part of the Island, where the covered canopy is located, in case it is too sunny or rainy. Picnic tables are available. Feel free to bring your own lawn chair as well as any lawn games you wish to play while in the island.

There will be kayaks available for free as well. In order to organize the use of these and the amount of kayaks required, please send a message to Fernando Szechtman at fernando.szechtman@gmail with the number of people from your family that wish to use the kayak. Please send this information by September 8.

For those not interested in kayaking, there is no need to confirm your presence to the island. Just show up at Willow Island Overlook ready to have fun (and bringing food, drinks, plates, etc. essentially all you will need there).

The boat ride takes just a couple of minutes only. If lots of people show up, there may a be a bit of wait to cross to the island, in which case we can use the kayaks for those who dare!