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Atiyah-Singer Index Seminar

Tue., Feb. 9, 2016 10:00 a.m.

Location: RIC 215

  • Speaker:  Asghar Ghorbanpour
  • Title: Chern-Weil Theory, I
  • Abstract: 

    The theory of vector bundles over topological spaces provides a method
    to study the topology of the base. This is made possible by the theory
    of characteristic classes. In the case of vector bundles on smooth
    manifolds, Chern-Weil theory gives a computational recipe by which the
    curvature two form of connections is used to compute these classes. In
    this session (and the next one) of our seminar we will review the
    Chern-Weil theory. We are going to follow very closely the appendix C of
    the J. Milnor & J. Stasheff's fantastic book "Characteristic Classes".