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Prairie Mathematics Colloquium

Fri., Feb. 7, 2020 3:30 p.m.

Location: Research and Innovation Centre (RI) 209 (Live Stream)

Speaker:  Derek Krepski, University of Manitoba

Title: Infinitesimal symmetries of bundle gerbes (493 kB) Colloquium Abstract

Live stream link:

Abstract: The study of gerbes in differential geometry has its origins in the work of Brylinski in the 1990s, and was soon after made more user-friendly through the work of Hitchin and Chatterjee, and ultimately Murray’s 'bundle gerbes'. Bundle gerbes are analogous to principal U(1)-bundles (or complex line bundles), in the sense that bundle gerbes are geometric realizations of degree 3 cohomology, as U(1)-bundles are in degree 2. In this talk, we discuss bundle gerbes and consider their infinitesimal symmetries (i.e., vector fields on them), and present some recent related developments in a joint project with Jennifer Vaughan.

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