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Martín Argerami


Office: CW307.11
Phone: 306-585-4340

Current classes
MATH 411/810 Real Analysis II

Research interests
Operator algebras, operator systems, type II factors

Recent Publications

1)  Argerami, Martín; Mustafa, Saleh. Higher rank numerical ranges of Jordan-like matrices. Linear Multilinear Algebra 69 (2021), no. 5, 807–826.

2)  Argerami, Martín. The matricial range of E21. (English summary) Expo. Math. 37 (2019), no. 1, 48–83.

3)  M. Argerami. Majorisation and the Carpenter's Theorem. Integral Equations and Operator Theory, 82 (2015), 33-49.